Saint-Severin Church

If you love European Gothic architecture, so be sure that Paris church of the Saint Severin (Eglise Saint-Severin) will impress you greatly. This temple had appeared as far back as the XI century and is in the list of the oldest churches as in Paris as in France.

Its name the church has got in the honor of the famous preacher Severin (he was beatified later) who had effected a lot to the development of Christianity in the early Middle Ages.

It is very remarkable that the first church was built at this place in the VI century, but it had been destroyed during the invasion of Northmen.

In the XIII century the neighborhood (nowadays we know it as Latin Quarter) had begun to develop very actively due to the University (present Sorbonne). And there was a need of a large church for numerous believers, lived in this territory. In that way, small Roman chapel turned into vast temple with huge stained-glass windows. Since that time, some serious reconstructions were held in the church.

The main zests of the Saint-Severin church are its high pillars, rising up to the roof; the windows of some ages; a fine organ of the XVIII century; the statue of the Saint Antoine (he helps to find lost things).

Of course, it could be said a lot about history of the church and its architectural features, but it’s the best of all to see this beautiful building and one of the brightest representatives of the medieval Gothic by your own eyes.

The temple is located in the Latin Quarter at Rue des Pretres Saint-Severin close to the Cite Island.