Champs Elysee, Place de l’Etoile and Arch Triomphe – majestic monuments

For each traveler, who ends up in Paris, naturally there is an actual a question: what places of interest to visit, and what is obligatory not to pass?

In general, it is possible to describe Paris and its sights in many beautiful words, however one risks to miss something simply because those places in the French capital are very numerous. That is why it is easy to forget something in their listing.

In this given article we would like to tell in more details about the central and most significant places of Paris, among which are Champs Elysée, Arch Triomphe and Place Charles de Gaulle.

So, we will begin with the Champs Elysée which, if to speak official language, settles down between Place de la Concorde known to many tourists and the well-known Parisian Arch Triomphe. If to speak about the Champs Elysée in context of the city history this street represents a young component. Long time ago in this place was the dried up arm of the Seine (which is one of the symbols of Paris itself). And only in the beginning of the seventeenth century the first three avenues has been laid here, set with elms. It was done by the order of Queen Maria Medici. After half a century these avenues have been added by walking territory which was some kind of continuation of le jardin des Tuileries.

The first buildings have started to appear on the Champs Elysée much later when erection of a new palace for royal family has begun in Versailles. And the great number of rich private residences here has appeared already during blossoming of the Second Empire.

For today the Champs Elysée is one of the most visited places in Paris. Some hundreds of people pass or drive here daily. It is worth seeing it.  The Most cult local places of interest – legendary cabaret Lido, restaurants “Le Fouquet’s” and “Rasputin”, Arch Triomphe, Place Charles de Gaulle.

That, here we have come close to other heroes of our narration – Place Charles de Gaulle (initially it was called as Place de l’Étoile (Star square) and Arch Triomphe which finish Champs Elysée.

The square. Its first name – “Star” was given to it in the eighteenth century because five most beautiful avenues found their beginning and went different in five directions from it. During the present moment the number of such streets makes whole twelve.

The main place of interest of the square is well-known for the whole world Arch Triomphe which has been erected by the order of emperor Napoleon in the first decade of the nineteenth century, as a symbol of victories of his army.
The architect of the project was Jean-François Chalgrin, thanks to his imagination and work in the centre of square the majestic Arch Triomphe (by the way, its height makes fifty meters, and width – forty five) towers.

What is remarkable is that Napoleon has not seen the arch ready, but in 1840 year the emperor nevertheless has visited it. His ashes accompanied by a special escort, have proceeded under the arch. Thus Napoleon’s supporters honored his memory.

However, there is one more untold moment, concerning this square. As we already told, its primary name was Place de l’Étoile. And only in 1970 the government of the country has decided to change it in honor of the legendary president of France general Charles de Gaulle. Certainly, the French citizens respect the memory of this great person and his merits before the native land, however till this day the name of the area in use sounds more often as l’Étoile (star). And in guidebooks to Paris you can find two names – Place de l’Étoile and Place Charles de Gaulle.
In the conclusion of this narration we would like to tell one thing: being in Paris necessarily visit these places where you will get many positive emotions.