Champ de Mars – the garden with the great history

Which landmarks do we remember in the first place when speaking about the French capital? Most likely that the vast majority of people in different corners of the Earth would say that this is the Eiffel Tower, because the city is associated so much with this majestic building at the present time. Many words has been said and written (even we have noted the material on our website) about this architectural wonder, but it’s unfair that people know a lot less about the place where the tower is located. This is the Field of Mars (Champ de Mars) and it is worthy of special record.

Places with the same name there are in Russian St. Petersburg city (a park in the memory of fallen soldiers) and in the capital of Italy – Rome.

But, because of our site is directly connected with Paris, so we’ll say some words about the French Field of Mars – one of the largest urban parks in Paris. The diameter of this beautiful garden in the center of the city is near eight hundred meters and its length – about one kilometer. We can say that the field is “trapped” in the space between the Seine and the constructions of the Paris Military Academy (Ecole Militaire). Exactly in this park the Eiffel Tower, which was destined to become one of the main world famous characters of Paris, had been installed. Today, this landmark is the main goal for millions of tourists visiting the French capital.

Looking at history, we should say that in the sixteenth century the place was used in agricultural purposes to grow vegetables as well as the vineyards were located. However, its name (as you known Mars is the Roman god of war) the territory received because the French army used the field for training exercises in preparation for actual warfare in the eighteenth century.

Besides Champ de Mars was the venue for various celebrations, the first in 1790 – the Feast of the Federation. Then more than three hundred thousand people came to this place to welcome King Louis XVI who had previously signed a new constitution of the country. But already next year the same crowd demanded here the dethronement of the king.

Also the garden in Champ de Mars was the place where the weddings of famous people took place. For example in 1837 it was the wedding of the Duke of Orleans. In the same century the park received several horse races that were popular among the Parisian elite.

However that may be, but none of these events would not play a big role in the history of the Field of Mars until 1889. That year the World Exhibition was in Paris, and our garden had been chosen for the opening presentation of the “Wonder of the World”. It was destined to enter to the history as the Eiffel tower.

Now the Field of Mars is a magnificent park in central Paris with beautiful lawns, artificial paths, bushes, trees and flower beds. It takes celebrations with fireworks dedicated to the national holiday of Bastille Day every July 14.

In 2000 the Monument of Peace was established in the park near the Military Academy, on which the word “peace” can be read in thirty-two languages. And for each variant of the writing a separate architectural column is given. Strolling along the paths of the Field of Mars you can go to the monument and marvel at the tower, and one of the exits leads to the famous Invalides.