Bassin de la Villette: summer swimming in Paris

Air temperature in Paris is really summer so there is nothing surprising in that city dwellers and guests of the capital want to refresh themselves and swim. Of course, going to Paris, we realize this city does not belong to the number of water resorts – its charm is based on absolutely different things. But, nevertheless, having the opportunity to plunge into the cool water (without buying a ticket for a special pool) is always a good moment when we have a heat on the streets.

And, yes! Now we can swim in Paris in the summer!

According to a City Hall’s decision, since the middle of July swimming has been allowed in Bassin de la Villette as a part of the Paris Plages programm. Three special open swimming pools were constructed on an artificial lake near Quai de la Loire in the 19th Paris arrondissement.


Two pools are intended for adult public, and the third one – for little lovers of water fun – its depth is only 40 centimeters.

Bassin de la Villette beach will be available until September 10.

Get enjoy water in its pools! 🙂