Barbizon – the striking example of French diversity

It’s totally senseless to consider that travel to France must come to visit to Paris with its famous Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and many other well-known attractions of the capital. Believe, in France there is a huge number of interesting places that attract large numbers of people. This is especially true with the French, who mostly try to leave Paris during summer holidays, giving it for tourists from all over the world.

But where does inhabitant of the capital of France go to? Anywhere, to be frank! France – a large and interesting country with different provinces, traditions and its own unique colour.

Of course, everybody chooses a place for the holiday and you decide where to spend it. In our turn we advise you to pay a close attention to the small French village called Barbizon, located in the north of the country of Louis and Napoleon. If to be a pedant, a complete village location should be marked as: region Ile de France, department Seine-et-Marne, district Melen, canton Perth. It’s easy to get lost … 😉 Just do not panic, this is only one and a half hour from Paris.

So what is so remarkable in Barbizon?

First, the village is located near Fontainebleau – one of the favorite residences of French kings.

But, if you are interested in the art, so you just have to know what Barbizon gave the name a unique school of painting. It’s called the Barbizon school of art, the brightest representatives of which are painters Monet and Bazille.

In principle, this is not surprising, because in due time Barbizon was very popular among many artists and other assorted personalities involved in the arts. The village attracted creative people, primarily for its beautiful views of the forest Fontainebleau, which has successfully found itself on the paintings of many painters. Fortunately, they organized field sallies with hundreds and created their landscapes in cheerful company. From the perspective of history, the Barbizon painters had an enormous influence on European landscape painting and became the forerunner of Impressionism.

Today Barbizon takes a lot of visitors, but in the nineteenth century the village had only one street – Rue de Barbizon with a few dozen houses. And railroad tracks were close. Though already at that time there was the hotel «Auberge Ganne» – a haven of painters. Today this building is a quite interesting museum. In the village there is and a private museum of painter Millais, where along with his works you can see paintings of Rousseau, Troyon, Corot and other artists.

But the past is the past… Let’s find out what a life in Barbizon today.

Mass of French and tourists from other countries comes to Barbizon for a specific purpose – to buy a refined and original element of the interior in one of many art galleries. The paintings and sculptures of contemporary artists are especially popular.

Barbizon also has beautiful streets with interesting buildings of original architecture. So many tourists come here on weekends just to walk on this wonderful street.

The village currently has four comfortable hotels; the room rates start from 55 euros. In Barbizon there is and plenty of cozy restaurants, offering the excellent dishes of French cuisine.

Summarizing, we can say that Barbizon is the place to be a pleasure to visit. Everyone will find something attractive here. And what about connoisseurs of the art, they are simply obliged to come to this cradle of Pre-Impressionism.