On airship over Paris

Do you want to visit Paris and find yourself over its main symbol – the Eiffel Tower? Believe it or not, but nowadays it’s more than real thanks to dirigible flights of Airship Paris.

The company offers clients some alternative routs to choose from:

* standard over Paris (duration – 30 minutes)

* to La Roche Guyon castle (1 hour)

* to Chantilly castle (1 hour)

* to Versailles (1,5 hour)

More detailed information on flights of Paris airships is at the official website of the Airships Paris company.

What for the specific of these flying vehicles, the French company uses helium (a nonflammable gas) for its envelopes. Representatives of the company confirm that in case of an engine breakage the airship will simply float by air until the propitious moment when the pilot decides to land.

When it’s a nice day without clouds you will enjoy views of Paris and rural beauties with forests and fields from the height of three hundred metres.

Have a nice flight and soft landing!