Admiring Paris at night

The great American writer Ernest Hemingway in first half of last century has expressed about Paris so: “Paris is a holiday, which always stays with you”. This expression is familiar, perhaps, to each of us. And the local inhabitants of the capital call it “the city of light”. And it is not surprising, as shades and light in Paris are constantly in a unique game, at night and in the afternoon, at any time of the year. Light can fill in this or that place as if the sun has come nearer on outstretched arm distance in fractions of a second, but also quickly all can disappear in a dense fog, creating for us surprising medieval atmosphere. And a similar kaleidoscope of a play of light you can see and take pleasure in only if you go across Paris on foot.

Certainly, being in Paris, it is possible to move from one sight to another by an excursion bus or a rented car. But in that case you risk passing set of fine details which in many respects form originality of this city. For this reason Parisians advise to visitors to give more time to the pedestrian walks.

Necessarily take advantage of possibility to make a tour on the Seine onboard the small river bus intended specially for tourists. We recommend doing it at night-time when a ship projector will magically shine the river and its magnificent quays.

Take a pleasure in the late evening to rise on one of viewing platforms of legendary Tour Eiffel or to the well-known Montmartre. From height of the bird’s flight the magnificent carpet of Paris flickering with billiards of fires will be spread before you. You can never describe this Parisian night beauty with words; however for ever keep it in memory.

Walk on vicinities of place Pigalle, original “debauchery nest”. Though it is not the Dutch Amsterdam, but also local pip-shows and sex shops are in a condition to surprise tourists.

Having visited the Louvre it is possible to go slowly to le jardin des Tuileries which was favorite promenade spot of many French monarchs, and to walk on its beautiful and well-groomed avenues, and further the Champs Elysée open a way to a majestic Arch Triomphe.

So, you will receive unforgettable impressions of the pedestrian walks on Latin Quarter (the most ancient Parisian restaurants still keep history particles), the vicinities of place Saint-Michel settle down here. The bottom of Notre Dame de Paris has great popularity; visiting of a belfry of this cathedral is quite popular. If you have a desire to get acquainted with truly Parisian shopping, then you should take left-bank streets Dauphin and Bucy.

It is simply impossible to tell about all interesting places of such big and old city as Paris in a small article, therefore always the best decision is visiting it.

Come, order tours around Paris and simply walk in the city and then you will necessarily feel its originality and receive a lot of pleasure.