Eiffel Tower: 300 000 000 thanks!

Eiffel Tower. Yes, almost everyone had heard about it; almost everyone had seen it on pictures, photos or video; this is the main symbol of present Paris… We can continue a lot!

Here is already 300 000 000 (Three hundred millions!!! Just imagine this number!!!) people who had visited this grandiose construction since its opening in 1889. Exactly such number is in the report of SETE – the company operating the popular touristic object.

And as this is the Eiffel Tower, so this event can’t stay without attention! On September 28, the special fest will take place here.

From 6:00 pm to 23:00 pm, various musicians (trumpeters, a flute quartet, a jazz orchestra, DJs) will perform at the foot of the tower and at its two levels.

As well, every 30 minutes till the midnight, the Eiffel Tower will gladden its guests with a bright and colourful show.

Everybody will be able to make a photo in front of the hero of the day and put it on a special 12-meters wall. All together, these photos will compose the inscription “300 000 000 de mercis!” («300 000 000 thanks!»). Of course, an own copy may be taken for memory.

Besides that, the organizers promise the Eiffel Tower will prepare many other pleasant surprises for the guests.

Well, are you in Paris? Drop in on the chance! 😉