What do Paris sales please tourists with?

Every woman knows that Paris is the capital of the world fashion, and dreams to visit once at least this city for the sake of treasured shopping. Certainly, Paris is not any small town, and the prices in this city can unpleasantly surprise the domestic woman of fashion; but after New York boutiques there is nothing to be surprised with. In the turn the capital of France (its shops) pleases all Parisians and city visitors with the global sales which are made two times a year: in the beginning of summer and after Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Duration of these sales makes about one and a half months so hundred thousand people have time to get qualitative things at comprehensible prices.

Thus you shouldn’t think the earlier you arrive the most favorable prices are. It is connected with the fact that any Parisian sale consists of several stages. Each of them is characterized by the next falling of the prices which becomes the lowest by liquidation of all rests of the goods available in shops. It is natural that to find something good during such moment is not obviously possible no more.

If to speak about inhabitants of Paris, they begin preparation for the sales season long before its approach. And the most of these people make serious purchases exclusively on seasonal sales, and in the rest of the year visit just food shops.

Before the beginning of the sales local women slowly study the clothes and footwear models offered by the shops next to the house and shopping centers, try on what has attracted them. And when long-awaited day-X comes, from early morning (as well as thousand tourists coming to Paris from different countries) are pushed in turns to rush to counters and to seize in advance chosen things with opening of doors.

If you plan tours to Paris taking into account seasonal sales remember that all best things of the popular sizes in the Parisian shops are bought up in the first week after «a starting whistle».

Let’s consider what represents the Parisian sales. Shops aspire to sell quickly old collections of clothes and footwear before the new will arrive. For this reason the price decreases till the extreme size that transforms any woman of fashion into a bull on bullfight who with mad passion rushes on the toreador. With one exception: the place of the toreador is turned to jackets, skirts, T-shirts, trousers and other products, to catch which it is possible for  ridiculous money. But, let inscriptions «Soldes» or «-50 %, – 70 %» won’t lead you to your mind loss as any seller does it for the sake of own benefit. Very often the products which have stale on counters which quality already leaves much to be desired are on sale at the low price . And the prices, basically, can actually be not that low; so don’t be surprised if in the end of shopping your purse will considerably “grow thin”. Also, don’t forget that the shoes got on sales, boots, jackets and blouses aren’t subject to return, therefore pay steadfast attention to quality of bought things.

The summer season of sales in the Parisian shops has already ended, there is no much time left before the start of the winter sales. We hope that if you appear in Paris at this time you will make good purchases.