Shopping by Paris: the season of sales has started

The program “Shopping by Paris”, dedicated to the winter sales, has started in Paris.

Until the St Valentine’s Day guests of the capital of the world fashion can make a lot of purchases at the best price – this action will continue until February 14, 2012. In “Shopping by Paris” discounts on various goods and services could reach 70%.

The program involves not only shops but also restaurants, cafes, museums, as well as services of guides and shopping consultants.

Website publishes the list of participants of the program “Shopping by Paris”, offering these days extra discounts for Parisians and tourists. Here you can find shops of clothes and accessories, luxury perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry, baby products and stores with gourmet cakes and pastries, and others. You can find dozens (if not hundreds) of special offers from various sellers in Paris.

Do not forget about one more opportunity to save money – the buyers who are not residents of the EU may return to the VAT (value-added tax) from certain purchases – and it’s up to 10-12% of their value.

To do this, ask the appropriate receipts in stores. The sum of one purchase at a store for this discount should be 175 €.