Wonderland of books – Parisian bookstore Shakespeare and Co

Thousands of travelers come to Paris every year, and each of them has his (her) own special purpose, which leads a person to this great European city. Museums, theaters, monuments, shops, boutiques, unique cafes and restaurants… Everyone discovers something interesting.

There is no doubt that among numerous tourists there are those who are interested in unique books and want to buy them for personal collection. Now we would like to say a few words about the legendary Parisian bookstore called Shakespeare & Co, located near famous Notre Dame on the bank of the Seine.

Despite the fact that Shakespeare & Co is a bookstore, it can be call as a real book club, where many lovers of literature from different parts of the world like to gather together for personal contacts. Here you can always find a fresh (just from a printing establishment) editions of modern authors, old and rare books.

Shakespeare and Co was established thanks to acquaintance of two remarkable people – American publisher Sylvia Beach and the owner of Parisian literary salon Adrienne Monnier. Women met in 1917 and the English-language bookstore “Shakespeare and Company” was opened for customers two years later.

The store became particularly popular due to a combination of two functions. It is a shop and library at the same time, and its main principle is the slogan “while you’re here, take books and read as you want”. Also people can take books and read them at home.

It is noteworthy that “Shakespeare & Company” was popular not only among usual fans of literature, but also among such great representatives of writers’ workshop like Henry Miller, Ernest Hemingway, Paul Valery, Bernard Shaw, Anais Nin, Andre Gide.

In its nearly century-long history the store had as many glorious moments as not the most pleasant, because often it existed only thanks to donations from friends of Sylvia Beach. However, “Shakespeare & Company” continues to delight fans of the book in our days.

“Shakespeare & Co” address: 37 rue de la Bucherie, Paris.