Paris fair 2013

From April 30 to May 12 in the French capital, Paris Fair has opened its doors. You can find there whatever you like. The Paris Fair has three large sectors:

  1. Your Home & Environment
  2. Culture of the world
  3. Leisure

Sector Your Home & Environment.

This part of the fair is dedicated to interior / exterior design and decoration. You can find there the building materials, furniture, in general, all that can be useful for external and internal arrangement of your home.

Sector Culture of the world.

Have you no time to go on vacation? In that case, definitely you should visit the Paris fair. You are invited to travel around the world, however you will not leave the center of Paris. Discover the traditional crafts of different countries, cuisine, traditions and customs. Every day this sector offers a huge number of different activities, you and your children will like it a lot!

The Leisure sector.

This sector is quite various and each of you will find something that you really like. Spa and fitness stands will attract women and this time their men will be able to find something of interest in the engineering and technical discoveries, the children will be happy to visit the stands dedicated to the entertainment.

The Paris Fair today.

  • 109 years of successful work.
  • 3500 represented brands.
  • 60 concerts and events
  • 13 days of work

Do not waste your time! Come and you will find in one place, compare and try all the products and services that you need in everyday life,so you will save your time and your money!