Paris and souvenirs

Agree, that finding yourself in Paris, it is impossible not to bring at least a few souvenirs for yourself, family and friends from this magnificent city. And, of course, we always want to buy something original and preferably not expensive.

In fact, in the center of Paris (as in any other popular touristic city) close to the most popular sights such as Notre Dame, the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, you can always buy all kinds of magnets, trinket, shirts, mugs with symbols of Paris. And if you’re willing to satisfy your travel hunger by these products, we advise not to rush and buy them in crowded places of the capital of France. Large Parisian shops offer souvenirs more cheaply than the street vendors. The most low prices are offered by numerous souvenir shops in Montmartre near the Place du Tertre and the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur. Here you will find a variety of lithographs and greeting cards with pictures of sights in Paris.

If you are looking for more interesting and original gifts, be sure that you will find them. In Paris there are plenty of shops selling all kinds of gifts that can bring pleasure even to the real connoisseurs.

So, on 186, Rue de Rivoli the shop La Dame Blanche, famous for its magnificent porcelain and faience products, whose beauty can affect any imagination, is located. Other store Diners en Villes (27, rue de Varenne) is known for a wide selection of table accessories – perfect gifts for any hostess.

Naturally, the trip to Paris without visiting its museums will be absolutely useless, so, being in any museum, do not go by the museum shops. Believe us, along with the usual standard products you can find very exclusive gifts. That can be calendars, books or wonderful reproductions, dedicated to the museum’s masterpieces. Also some art museum sell “Puzzles” which you can make a copy of the famous painting from.

Tourists like very much scarves with prints of famous water lilies by Monet or “starry night” by Van Gogh (Orangerie Museum, Orsay), beautiful jewelry with the symbol of the royal power in France – lilies (Versailles Palace). Historical museum of Carnavalet offers its visitors not only the city guides but also copies of ancient vases, goblets, wine glasses.

Do not forget, that a good gift from Paris could be tastefully decorated local delicacies, wine or cognac in bottles in form of the Eiffel Tower, beautifully packaged tea sets, candy or foie gras.

In any way, you can always buy interesting presents and not to spend a lot of money. The main thing is a creative strategy.