Galeries Lafayette – Now 7 Days in Week!

All lovers of shopping in Paris are rejoicing! From 2017 beginning, the famous Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette will work on Sundays, what means – 7 days in week.

During some time this legendary store has being a symbol of a resonant “Macron Law” over the question of trade facilities’ work.

In October, 2015 Boulevard Haussmann (location of Galeries Lafayette and Printemps) had been included into the international tourist zone of Paris. In turn it allowed all shops in this area to work round the week.

The only obstacle was a clause of the law on signing the special agreement between companies and trade unions. And as it usually happens, talks were long and hard, with court intervention.

What about Galeries Lafayette, owners of the department store have arranged a settlement with its trade union. The store has already started the campaign on new employees (about 500) hire, what have to ensure a quality service at Lafayette when it will work in regime of 7 days in week.

This is the great news for many tourists who often come to Paris just for weekends.

So, shopping to all! 😉