Cheap wear in Paris in winter and summer

Do you want to visit Paris not only to see its magnificent monuments but also to make quality and good buy? In this case, you do not need plan a trip for the season sales (especially, when it’s not possible always). You should know that there are many places in Paris where you can buy nice cheap wear and accessories all the year round.

Now we’re talking about so-called stock and discount stores in Paris. You should not think that they offer their customers not best-selling goods. These trading places offer for sale the remains of the last year’s season or trial lots of wear and footwear of known brands, goods «degriffe» with torn labels. This affects to the quality of goods in no way, but their cost is lower than the original price by 30 – 70 percent. And you’ll find a lot of these shops, but what is most importantly – look closely at shop windows and sign-boards. The word «stock» will say that you have found a store you need.

One of the largest stock shop is located in the heart of the French capital on 190, Rue de Rivoli. It offers its customers cheap wear mid-price bracket: Zadig & Voltaire, GAP, Naf Naf; as well as the products of such famous design houses like Dior and Nina Ricci.

If you are a true connoisseur of trendy goods you have to go to the 14th district of Paris to rue d’Alesia. Here you will find a large number of discount stores, including the shops of well-known companies like Sonia Rykiel, Cacharel, Amazone, Chavignon, George Rech. Moreover, here you can buy not only ladies’ and men’s wear, but interesting goods for children.

The another area of stock shops is not far from the rue d’Alesia – on rue St-Placide. The most popular of them is Le mouton a 5 Pattes, which sells children’s and adult wear and footwear and household goods. Look closely the things that are in baskets, where wear of such well-known designer brands like Gaultier and Ferre can be pelted.

Concerning specialized men’s stores we can mark out Bidermann Stock B (located on rue 114, Turenne) – suits, shirts, jumpers, sweaters by Kenzo, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and many other famous brands.

The women of Paris loves to visit a children’s discount store chain Bonpoint (rue 6, Tournon (6th district) and others) – cheap fashion wear and shoes for little boys and girls.

Of course, the stock stores have an important shortcoming – very, very many of goods. Customers have to spend a lot of time selecting a purchase. However, your patience may be rewarded with a pleasant surprise. So, you can see on rack or shelf an excellent evening dress or fashion jeans of a famous brand for purely symbolic value. And be sure to try on wear at discount stores, as the size on a label does not match the actual size of things often.

Wish you pleasant shopping!

Remember, coming to Paris, you can always rent an apartment where your shopping will be more convenient.