Avenue Montaigne – the most fashionable street in Paris

We would like to start our article from the question addressed to all people who have been in Paris. Please, tell. What street in Paris do you consider the most well-dressed? Everyone, of course, may respond differently, because, as you know, everybody has the own taste. But if you trust the opinion of many tourists and residents of the French capital, so the honorary title of most colorful street of the city belongs to Avenue Montaigne.

This wonderful Parisian street stretches from the Square of Rond-Point to the famous bridge Alma. On the whole route of the Avenue you’ll see why it has been given the title actually. And frankly speaking everything is more than simple, because there a large number of the most famous boutiques, jewelry and perfume shops are concentrated here. Devoted to this subject people will be pleased to meet products of such brands as Christian Dior, Bulgari, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Emmanuel Ungaro, Dolce & Gabbana, Luis Vuitton, Loewe, Valenrino and many more no less symbolic names for the connoisseurs. So we can say that Avenue Montaigne is a mecca for the real dandies and ladies, because here they have the opportunity to learn about the latest collections of the best fashion masters of the world.

Along with some sights of Paris, boutiques on Montaigne are not empty at any time of the year, so many people wish to come here in an effort to acquire for themselves a particle of the world of high fashion or just gawk at luxury showcases of boutiques.

But not only boutiques made Avenue Montaigne known in the world. The famous Champs-Elysees Theatre (or as the locals call “Theatre des Champs-Elysees”) is on this street. It was built in 1913 by the famous architects of that time – Gustav and Auguste Perret and a master from Belgium Henry van de Velde. The reliefs on facade of the building were created by the hand of Antoine Bourdelle. Inside the building you will not go by the magnificent panneau of genius Maurice Denis.

Formerly the premier of the opera of composer Stravinsky “The Rite of Spring” was performed at this theater. The regular “Russian Seasons” of Diaghilev were also here.

The museum is located opposite the famous Hotel Plaza Athenee, where the doormen always have the majestic and proud look, and it does not matter what kind of guests they meet. No wonder, because their predecessors met at the door the great and powerful people of this world.

As we said before, the end of the Avenue is the Square of Alma (place d’Alma), form its other hand the underground tunnel along the Seine River starts. This tunnel is notorious, the British Princess Diana died here on August 31, 1997. The square has its own distinctive features what you will never find in other similar places Paris.

Generally, if you’re already in Paris, stroll along Avenue Montaigne to the Square of Alma. And believe, you will definitely get a lot of wonderful impressions.