Real Estate

Want to buy apartment in Paris? Get hurry up!

After some lull, the prices for Parisian residential real estate has begun rising – this trend has being evidently observed for last twelve months. Current average value of one square meter in the French capital city is almost nine thousand (8940) Euro – 7.7 percent higher than it was in the previous reporting period in 2016.

Besides that, statistics of the price level for real estate in Paris shows that, for example, from 2009 apartments’ value raised at 45 (!!!) %. And as analysts say, the current rate of almost 9000 Euro is not the limit at all. So if you planned to buy apartment in Paris, it’s probably the time to do that, not waiting price peak.


By specialists opinion, the main reasons of residential real estate price hike in Paris are:

touristic city status,

high percent of top-ranking officials who live in the city,


Trump’s and Macron’s wins at Presidential elections in the USA and France.