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Say “No” to apartments shortage in Paris!

The City Hall of Paris is gonna solve the problem of accommodation shortage in the capital. No, the city’s authorities don’t plan to build new residential buildings in Paris, instead of this, thousands of small mansards (people call them “chambre de bonne” and their surface is rarely over 10 square meters) to be renovated.

These apartments are on the top floors of the building in prestigious central areas of the French capital and in the end of 19th – beginning of 20th centuries were used as bedrooms for servants. Today, many of them, in spite of sky-high prices of real estate in such quarters of the city, are neglected and need extensive repairs.

Till 2020, Paris authorities want to renovate about 1000 mansards, spending about 14,000 Euro per each of them. Renovation works will be held under control of private houseowners, who also cover some additional financial costs.

Programme of the mayor’s office starts in the beginning of 2017 and, probably, we can expect that in the end of the year some part of “chambre de bonnes” will appear at rental accommodation market.