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Price restriction for rental apartments in Paris

For last years the price of rental apartments has grown up actively in all the big cities of Europe, and Paris was on the top positions on this list. Of course, first it was a result of common trends, but also because a Paris’ status as one of the most popular touristic places in the world. Owners of residential real estate do everything to increase income of their property.

Sure, as for an average person who comes to the French capital on vacation or just needs an accommodation for permanent residence, such prices hike becomes more and more big problem, especially taking in mind consequences of the world financial crisis.

apartment for rent ParisAnd here this last news from Paris can be taken as a breath of fresh air. On August 1, 2015, the new regulations, directed to price restriction for rental apartments, will come into force in the city on the Seine. It must be said the the Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is an active supporter of this initiative.

Under the new document, owners of residential real estate will not have a right to set a rental price over an average price with a markup (set for every area) increased by 20 per cent.

Supervisory committee of OLAP has made a calculation of basic numbers for 2015 in 80 areas of Paris, grouped into 14 separate zones by 16 types of property (number of rooms and the date of construction).
All the accurate prices you can find on the special site of DRIHL (Regional and Inter-Parliamentary departments for housing problems).

Our agency hope sincerely, the new regulations to help making up more true and affordable price on Paris market. And we, on our part, will be able to offer our clients comfortable and inexpensive apartments in Paris for rent and make your stay in this admirable city more pleasant.