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Paris hotels went up – Looking for alternatives

Paris hotels, which have never been among the cheapest in Europe, rose in price in August – September by 36%. This information is taken from the price index of hotels, making monthly by the experts of British tourist portal

The cost of a standard double room in the French capital amounts to 205 euros now. By the size of fees for hotels Paris won the third place in the British rankings. Only Venice and Geneva are ahead.

In other French cities prices for hotel rooms rose by 23% at the average – to 195 euros.

At the same time the cost of apartments, offered for rent in France and Paris particularly, had remained at the previous level. The money, what allow to spend one night in a hotel, you can use for two or three days stay in a private rental apartment, especially it concerns those people who travel with a group. therewith, there is a chance to rent one of the suitable apartments on rebate and spend the money for entertainment and presents. Thereby the travelers got one more reason to prefer a home comfort.

Besides an economy, apartments for rent give more wide choice than hotels. You can choose one as at the downtown as at a dormitory area, giving your preference to budget or more expensive options.

A great number of options, submitted on our site, gives you a possibility not to restrict your wishes and to get what you want for reasonable money.