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How much is to rent apartment in Paris

Recently a trend of rental accommodation rising popularity for a long-term period as well as for a vacation stay can be observed. And Paris is not an exception. More and more of us prefer rented flats to hotels which some 10 years ago were monopolists in the question of tourist housing. But time is going on, and many things are changing.

Having examined the preferences of people who travel a lot, we can admit that the majority want to stay in a maximum home atmosphere. And, of course, money is important. It’s often much cheaper to rent an apartment than a similar suite in a hotel.

In the article we’d like to dwell on features of Paris districts and the level of prices for rental apartments in the French capital. We hope you’ll make use of this information.

Generally, regardless of the city you choose, the best place to rent a flat is downtown where the main sights are usually located. However, you have to be ready to live in a lively quarter where even at nights many people will take walks and make noise. Moreover, the rental price of an apartment there is much higher than in a less “central” area.

Speaking about Paris, the very central districts are 1-6, though they are heterogeneous. Districts 1-4 – permanent motion, thousands of tourists, multilingual loud noise. Prices are high enough.

The 5th, 6th (the 7th should be mentioned) arrondissements are not so liked by tourists, and famous Saint-Germain and Saint-Michel areas will allow you to enjoy beautiful architecture, cozy cafes and restaurants and a quiet pleasant sleep at night. Prices? Here they are similar to those in above mentioned districts.

Want to feel a true luxury of Paris and estimate amenities of classic French architecture and design? Ready to pay a high price for your stay? Then you need go to “Golden Triangle” – the quarter between Champs-Elysees, George Vth Avenue and Montaigne Avenue. A big part of Champs-Elysees and a part of the16th district near Trocadero need to be mentioned as well.

Fond of drive, fun, bars and restaurants? Nowadays the 10th arrondissement has the lead in the issue. New bars are getting opened and, despite vivacity, the area is rather safe. Prices for accommodation are acceptable.

Short of money or simply want to be closer to the proletariat 🙂 Select an apartment in the 11th, 12th or 13th district. These are sleeping areas with tall houses similar to ones in other cities all over the world. Symbolic sights – no; multiethnic colour of Paris – yes; prices – the best in the city!

Seeking for family vacation comfort and calm? We can recommend to stay in the 17th or 16th district. Quiet and order are guaranteed, prices are above the average.

The 18th arrondissement of Montmartre is noisy, popular and touristic … Cost of rental apartments is reasonable.

Districts 19 and 20 are distinctive “oases”. These are Paris areas where a tourist is a rare bird. That’s why the question “Have you seen a tourist?” can be answered “What’s this?” :-). Prices are good.

In addition, we can advise to choose accommodation in one of many suburbs of the French capital, though it’s difficult call them outskirts. These are calm and cozy areas with developed infrastructure. Cost of accommodation is similar to that in Paris.

And now, in detail, about how much it is to rent an apartment in Paris.

Studios (usual 1-room flats), as a rule with a small open kitchenette, will cost from 520 Euro per week, 65 – per night, 1000 – per month.

1-bedroom apartments: from 630 per week, 100 – per night, 1300 – per month.

2-bedroom apartments: from 900 per week, 120 – per night, 1800 – per month*.

Of course, there are more spacious apartments. Usually it’s luxurious accommodation and it won’t be correctly to voice any average prices.

We would like to ask you to consider the given prices as approximate. They depend on many factors, including location, interior, quality of furnishings, number of tenants and, of course, financial appetite of the owners. However, be sure that prices for rental flats will not fall below a certain level. At present the trend to rental increasing can be observed.

If you want to rent an apartment in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, be ready to pay extra 20-30% for the housing. Owners love romantic fits of tourists and always try to earn on it:-)

In conclusion we would like to give you a piece of advice: don’t save on small things. Having payed 100 euros more you will receive a lot of bonuses: better location, newer furniture, best devices, better condition of the flat. Keep guided by the following prices:

  • Studio & 1 BR apartment: from 600 euros/week
  • 2 BR apartment: from 1100 euros/week
  • 3 BR apartment: from 1500 euros/week

* Prices for nights and weeks include utilities, for long-term rentals they are to be payed separately.