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Ultimate guide to apartments for sale in Paris, France

Paris is filled with a broad selection of stunning apartments for sale. The city is made up of twenty different arrondissements or boroughs, and each of these sections has a unique feel and personality. If you’re looking at Paris apartments for sale, you first need to think about which arrondissement you’d like to live in.

People will have different preferences and some favor certain arrondissements over others. To make the right choice, you need to know what each arrondissement has to offer. Your choice of arrondissement might be determined by

  • Cost of apartments
  • Views and scenery
  • Residents that live there
  • Shopping facilities

But rest assured, they all have something to offer for the keen buyer.

1. Centre Of The City Of Light

In the 1st arrondissement, you’ll find very few residential properties, so the market here is quite sparse. This part of the city is mainly made up of theatres and museums although you might find the occasional apartment complex squeezed in. That’s not to say that the housing here is petite or cheap. On the contrary, apartments here can be 13,000 euros per square metre and make up some of the most expensive and exclusive parts of the property market. You’ll be right in the centre of the city, perhaps within walking distance of the beautiful Louvre museum.

The 2nd arrondissement is quite small compared to the first and is home to the Paris stock exchange as well as downtown Paris. There are also some hidden bars here, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Apartments here are a tad cheaper. 2 bedroom apartments can be anything from 11,00 per square metre. If you investigate, you can find France cheap apartments near the boulevards for just 7000.

2. Luxury And Style

The next two sections tend to blend together for the locals as the 3rd arrondissement and 4th arrondissement share the same long wooden doors that hide grand properties. You can find some beautiful chic apartments here, and the price will depend on where you want to buy. For instance, you can find expensive luxury apartments in the Ile St Louis, a very fashionable area. This section of the city is also home to the famous Marais that is vibrant, bright and filled with life. You’ll always be near a great party and a fantastic choice of shops. The Marais holds popular venues like

  • Wake Up Paris
  • Cafe Beaubourg
  • Dame Tartine

You might think that apartments in the 5th arrondissement would be particularly affordable. After all, the Latin quarter of the city is filled with cheap places to drink and often packed to the brim with students. Alas, quaint apartments here can range as high as 11,000 per square metre. You may want to search elsewhere if you’re on a tight budget.

You can get lost on the narrow streets of the 6th arrondissement. The 6th is home to libraries, bookshops, bars and of course, the Jardin de Luxembourg. You’ll also find a number of prestigious academic institutions packed into this desirable and expensive part of the city in the 6th district. While there is still Paris perfect accommodation, it certainly won’t come France cheap. Luxury is the name of the game here with an apartment overlooking the St-Sulpice church selling for over two million. Still, it would certainly be worth it to live near the St Germain.

3. Beauty And Great Views

As you slip into the 7th Arrondissement, you are leaving the centre of the city. But that doesn’t mean the apartments or locations are any less spectacular in the 7th. After all, you’ll still be near Eiffel Tower in the 7th district. There are multiple reasons why you might love living in the France 7th arrondissement such as:

  • Apartments for sale Rue Du Bac Paris
  • A possible Eiffel Tower view
  • An apartment in a Grand Art Nouveau
  • Property away from the hustle and bustle of the central city

4. Renaissance Paris

Or, you can look at apartments for sale by owner in the 8th arrondissement. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation, the 8th could be the perfect place. If you don’t mind a little noise, you can get an apartment by the tracks for just under seven thousand per square metre. The 8th district also has the Champs Elysees which is one of the most popular shopping areas in France!

For a vintage feel, you may want to look for apartments for sale in the 9th arrondissement. These stunning homes for sale in France can be found at far lower prices and were built during the 18th century.

Do you want to buy a beautiful new apartment in the city of love? The 9th arrondissement houses some stunning places to live and a unique feel. Although it depends on where you buy, you’re sure to find a great budget home here.

Entering the 10th arrondissement, you’ll find plenty of apartments that have been priced to value. You certainly won’t be paying an arm and a leg for a small space, but you may need to add a few thousand on for a canal view on the left bank. This part of the city has become very trendy in recent years for people want to buy apartment Paris.

You’ll find a wide mixture of people in the 11th Arrondissement with gorgeous apartments that have balconies and a picture perfect view of the city. Prices here are quite moderate ranging around 10,000. Although, if you want the view you’ll have to pay a little extra. It’s another part of the city that’s become quite trendy. Perhaps because it holds the glorious Place de la Bastille.

5. On The Edge Of Paris

The edge of Paris is made up of the last arrondissements, and you’ll find plenty of luxury France apartments. The 15th arrondissement is the place to start if you want fine living and aren’t interested in the nightlife. You won’t find many clubs in this area of the city, but it does house some of the best schools. So, it’s perfect if you’re moving with a family in tow.

In the 16th arrondissement, you’ll find an area of green twice the size of central park. Homes here are quite conservative but still expensive and again, popular with families. You’ll also find plenty of museums are close by to explore in the 16th and as always, you’re never too far from central Paris. The 16th district pricing for apartments can be anywhere from 10,000 per square metre.

6. Up And Coming Areas

Apartments for sale central Paris can be found in the 17th Arrondissement. This was once a working-class area of the city, but it has now become popular with young people and foreigners. Most gravitate towards homes near the Place St Ferdinand.

7. Apartments At The Montmartre

One of the last arrondissements worth looking into is the 18th. The 18th district contains the incredible luxury Montmartre. A home in Montmartre is as sought after as a home in Marias. High up, you can get the best, most beautiful view of Paris city. You might even find a perfect spot if you buy an apartment with Eiffel Tower view. This arrondissement also homes the famous Barbes Market.

8. Outside The City

Of course, you don’t have to buy inside the city. There are plenty of stunning places to live near Paris France. In fact, you can find mountain homes for sale that offer the peace and serenity retirees often seek. You can still get all the luxury features you want and be close enough to visit Paris whenever. Compared to Paris property for sale apartments, you might find the housing here slightly cheaper. Beautiful two bedroom apartments can be found outside the city for a fraction of the price they sell at in the centre.

9. Finding The Perfect Place

If you want to get started looking for your new Paris city apartment in France, there are a number of things you can do:

  • Check out Craigslist for properties for paris il homes for sale by owner
  • Speak to an estate agent
  • View some of the arrondissements for yourself
  • Know what you want

That last piece of advice is perhaps the most important. We hope it’s clear that Paris is filled with possibilities when you searching for an apartment. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Whether that’s a 2 bedroom France home or a place near Rue Cler. Remember, there’s no MLS in France, so you’ll probably need to check a wide range of sources. Particularly, if you have something specific in mind such as a luxury, Paris furnished apartment.

10. Getting Your Dream Apartment

Once you find your dream Paris apt for sale by owner, don’t wait around. Make sure you put an offer in immediately. Particularly if it’s in a popular area like the Belleville or close to the Place Des Vosges. The property market in Paris is competitive and if you don’t make an offer that day, you’ll find your dream place to live has disappeared the next. So you should always

  • Do Your Research
  • Know what you can afford
  • Commit to a purchase when you find your perfect perfect property.