Real Estate

To buy house in France: not dream but reality!

When we face such a concept like “real estate in France”, we can imagine tiny flats in Paris or Lyon, or, on the contrary, huge and very expensive mansions and villas in Normandy or Riviera. In fact, it’s not exactly and if you want to buy house in France – it’s more than real.

So, in France, there is a definition «Maison de campagne» – a country house or a part of a house with a plot of land of 5 hectares minimum. And the average price of such a delight in the country is 160 thousand Euro. By 60 thousand less than 10 years ago when it was a peak of real estate prices in France.


By SAFER, in 2016 prices for a country house were within 100 thousand Euro in 11 departments of the country, and the lowest one was in Creuse where Maison de campagne could be bought by 63 thousand. Moreover, you can buy house in France more cheaply and in many regions (even in Ile-de-France). Minimal price of a country house – 15 thousand Euro.

Of course, the similar propositions can be different in different regions but, in any case, if you have a dream to buy house in France – it’s real!