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Restaurant Taillevent

Today the restaurant Taillevent is one of the best restaurants in Paris and has «two stars» in the prestigious ranking of Michelin. Opened in 1950, the restaurant is a real brand and it has popularity and respect among the true gourmets of French cuisine. The dishes of Taillevent’s chefs are the standard of French cuisine.

The restaurant had changed its location several times before. Now it is in a beautiful old building of the 19th century near Champs Elysees. Classic interior of Taillevent, supplemented with stunning crystal chandeliers, is conducive to a pleasant rest in a good company. The owners of the restaurant created a design of interior with full attention, making it remarkable even in the minor elements.

To emphasize some specific dishes from the restaurant’s menu is quite difficult, because absolutely every dish is distinguished by its unique taste and aroma, and no matter a salad or the firm ragout of crayfish. Special thanks for this must be expressed to chefs of restaurant Taillevent, who are among the best masters in Paris.

As a real Parisian restaurant, Taillevent offers the excellent wine list, which can be compared with lists of few restaurants in the world. Each of the guests will find a drink to liking here, and some wines you will not find anywhere else, excepting this place.

Restaurant Taillevent – this is a luxury restaurant, so you should not think that it’s easy to have a dinner here. Usually, people reserve a table in advance.

Address of restaurant Taillevent: 15, rue Lamennais (8th arrondissement of Paris). The doorman is always at the entrance, there is a parking. Metro: George V