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Restaurant Saucette: a sausage for averyone!

Dear friends, we’ll not open America for you saying that Paris is not the cheapest city for tourists. That’s why certain lifehacks in the issue of “to save” have to be obviously pleasant and useful :-), especially concerning Parisian restaurants and cafes which often offer not the very tempting prices.
So, if you find yourself in the centre of Paris and want to have a lunch – believe, it will happen without fail, because the main sights of the city are concentrated in its central part. Food? People need to eat! 🙂

Logically, not always we can spend 40-50 Euros for lunch at a restaurant, so we would like to recommend you a new place – Saucette. This name says us that its feature is surely in sausages. And, yes, bingo, you’re absolutely right! 😉 Only don’t think that this one of usual fast-foods – that’s not.
Restaurant Saucette combines elements of fast service but at the same time you’ll find a true French cuisine here – sausages are popular in France for a long time.

What can attract us there? Of course, prices! Minimal bill here is 13,5 Euro, believe us, it’s very and very cheaply for Paris. Second, high level of cooks offering tasty and creative dishes on basis of their original recipes.

The main combinations of “local” cuisine: veal+poultry+tarragon, pork+ginger, beef+sesame, pork+fragrant herbs.

Briefly, restaurant Saucette – an excellent place on the quality-price ratio.

The restaurant is located at 30 Rue Beaubourg, Paris 75003 close to very interesting George Pompidou Center where you can spend your time with pleasure and see the masterpieces of the modern art.