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Want to have a dinner naked – go to the restaurant O’Naturel

France is traditionally one of the most attractive countries for nudists, that’s why there is nothing strange that more and more services oriented to nudity lovers appear here. Another occurrence is opening of the restaurant O’Naturel for nudists in Paris, which began its work in the beginning of November in the 12th arrondissement of the city.

Restaurant O’Naturel is a result of imagination and work by twins Mike and Stephane Saada. The owners of the restaurant themselves are not nudists, but they have seen big prospects in this direction.

The guests coming to the restaurant have not to worry about privacy – all the windows are closed by dense blinds. Moreover, service staff has developed an own recognition system for “unreliable” clients, and thanks to it the guests feel free and comfortably at O’Naturel. According to the brothers, the public of the restaurant with normal behavior, nobody wants to effort to startle, people prefer to share a meal in a low-key atmosphere.

Not to walk barefoot, clients can use special slippers. If women want, they can keep their shoes. All the sits at the restaurant are equipped with disposable covers, so you don’t have a reason to worry about cleanliness and hygiene – here it’s on a high level.

An important moment, those who love to speak on the phone and take photos during the meal can be upset, but all mobile devices you have to leave at a cloakroom of the restaurant O’Naturel.

What about the main component of every restaurant – its cuisine – the emphasis is laid on traditional French cuisine, dishes of snails, deep-sea scallops, lobsters, as well as a classic roast lamb. Minimum dinner of three dishes (a snack, a hot plate, a dessert) is 49 Euro per person.

The restaurant O’Naturel is located at 9 rue de Gravelle, 75012 PARIS and opened at night (7:30 pm – 11:00 pm). You can have a dinner at the restaurant by preliminary booking only.


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