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Restaurant Michel Rostang

As we know, Paris is not just a city of museums, but also the place famous for its restaurants. And being in the French capital you of course must visit some of them. If you are a connoisseur of French cuisine, the restaurant Michel Rostang – this is the place where you get the real gastronomic treat.

The owner of the restaurant is a very famous and respected person in this business, he is the representative of the fifth generation of restaurateurs in Paris and one of the most creative chefs of the city today.

Interior. The restaurant consists of four separate halls, which have the original design of the mahogany, wood of pear and cherry, complemented with beautiful frosted Crystal panels.

Service, as it befits a serious institution, is at a very high level. Assortment of dishes may surprise even the most enlightened gourmets.

The restaurant is one of the most prestigious in Paris, so be prepared for the fact that the dinner can cost about 100 euros (the average amount per person).

Dress code: smart.

Address of the restaurant: 20 Rue Rennequi (17 arrondissement of Paris).

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