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Restaurant L’Espadon – Parisian spirit

Dear friends, we are very pleased to continue to acquaint you with the best restaurants of Paris, which please many Parisians and visitors of this city with their cuisine and service. Today we would like to say a few words about the restaurant L’Espadon, located under the roof of one of the most luxurious hotels of Paris Ritz and considered the most deserved restaurant in Paris. It was opened by the founder of the hotel Cesar Ritz in the 1898.

The elegant hall with interior in the Baroque style with a huge panorama of the sky, the decor with a chic red velour, the gold elements, a large number of flowers… All of this is waiting for you at the restaurant L’Espadon.

However, in any case, the main dish of our “celebration” is culinary delights, cooked for the guests by the great chefs. Menu at the restaurant L’Espadon varies depending on the season and offers a fine cuisine from a young calf meat, risotto with artichokes, soup with chestnuts, wild mushrooms, a wonderful parmesan cheese, vegetarian dishes and much more. The main restaurant’s menu has being change one time in every two weeks.

In addition to the gourmet cuisine, the guests of the restaurant L’Espadon have the opportunity to try wondeful wines of the best varieties. The wine list has over a thousand titles.

Undoubtedly, the Parisian restaurant L’Espadon is not a cheap place, what is confirmed with the “two-star” rating of Michelin Guide. And a visit would cost some hundred Euros per person. However, the memory about the restaurant will stay with you for the long years.

Address of the restaurant L’Espadon: 15 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris