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Restaurant Le Grand Vefour – The real classic…

Founded in 1784 the restaurant Le Grand Vefour is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, and its popularity remains unchanged during all this time. The interior of the restaurant with original wall-paintings, furniture, beautiful stained glass windows in the style of the French Empire creates a great atmosphere. Many elements of the interior are so unique and valuable, that they are under a special protective glass. We can say that the restaurant is one of the few in Europe, where the old historic design of the interior decoration and modern kitchen combine so organically.

Chef Mr Martin manages all the culinary action. And thanks to his talent and work the restaurant Le Grand Vefour are awarded “three stars” in the respected rating of Michelin.

Among the delicious dishes, what the restaurant offers, we can underline the magnificent truffles, oysters and foie gras. The service at Le Grand Vefour is on the premium level. Average price of the menu per person is about 250 Euro. Opened only on weekends.

Address of the restaurant Le Grand Vefour: 17 rue de Beaujolais 75001.

Metro: Palais Royal Musee du Louvre