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Restaurant Le Chardenoux – a bistro of the old school

Louvre, chanson, the famous Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe… these are the most famous associations of the French capital, the greatest city in Europe, whose name is Paris. However, it is only a small part of what the French capital can really proud because it has thousands of sights, legends and stories, millions of its colorful inhabitants.

Another the world-famous synonym of Paris is its restaurants and bistros became famous more than one century ago. In our articles you’ve already read about some popular restaurants, and now we want to say a few words about the legendary restaurant Le Chardenoux.

Founded in the beginning of the last century (more precisely in 1908), the restaurant is an example of a classic Parisian bistro to this day, it is no wonder that the French authorities granted the status of the national historical monument.

Since its opening over a hundred years ago to the present time Le Chardenoux is located at rue Jules Vallès 1, in the eleventh district of Paris. The restaurant is bordered on rue Paul Bert, became famous thanks to the numerous restaurants, nestling on it and offering a variety of foods representing the culinary traditions of many countries over the world. This small street is considered as the main Parisian gastronomy place interesting for the thousands of travelers coming to Paris. For a long time this is the place of gathering for many professional salesmen and tourists. In those memorable times these people spent time at the restaurant Le Chardenoux, relaxing with the most delicious aperitifs, eating them with hard-boiled eggs from the bar. And only a few years ago the new owner of the restaurant abolished this tradition.

But to the delight of regulars not everything in it was changed. Fortunately, the wonderful old interior made in the style of Belle epoque, supplemented with vignettes and painted ceilings in white and blue colors had not been changed. Changed their form from the time mirrors, stained glass, forming an original partition had stayed on the old places. We can also note that fourteen different types of natural marble were used in the design of the restaurant Le Chardenoux. And in those old days it was a big fortune.

During the opening of the restaurant a massive iron bar was installed. But the German occupiers liked it. They decided to confiscate it to cast one more army cannon. Since that time the bistro has a substitute – the rack of zinc.

Of course, everything could remain unchanged for a long time, there are certain requirements of the time what must be followed. So, the restaurant changed any things.

But at the same time, even with the new owners of the bistro we can see the respect of many old canons of this French restaurant in relation to the traditions of cuisine. The author of the excellent wine list is well known among the restaurateurs Jérôme Moreau, the famous sommelier the legandary restaurant Bristol. The menu has the drinks from all the provinces of France, so all connoisseurs will be pleased with a choice.

To visit the restaurant Le Chardenoux, you definitely need to book a table in advance, because the free space in the last time (according to regulars) was during the war.

Enjoy your vacation in the restaurant-bistro Le Chardenoux!