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Restaurant Guy Savoy

Are you a real connoisseur of French cuisine or just consider yourself one of them? If this statement is true, so there is no better place in the world than Paris where you could satisfy your culinary needs. Believe us, the real French cuisine can be appreciated only in France, as the Chinese in China and Italian in Italy…

In Paris every person will find an appropriate cafe, bar or restaurant without a problem. But if French cuisine for you is not just a phrase, then you must visit the famous Parisian restaurant Guy Savoy. Of course, it can’t be called cheap, because the average cost of dinner per person is about 250 Euro, but be sure, it’s worthy of it.

Even the interior of the halls in the Guy Savoy is great and unique – in its implementation the well-known designers used an interesting stylistic mix of glass, leather and exotic woods.

There is no need to speak a lot about the level of cuisine restaurant Guy Savoy, because even the most ordinary at the first view dish is a true culinary masterpiece, what confirmed by the famous Michelin ratings – «3 stars». The real gourmets most of all value soups served in a restaurant. It’s important, that French celebrities love the art of the restaurant’s cooks.

The restaurant is located at 18, rue Troyon (17th arrondissement of Paris). Metro: Charles de Gaulle Etoile.

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