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Cafe in the city on the Seine – Part II

As for certain many tourists who visit the capital of the French republic, spend time in the Parisian cafes with pleasure, it would be desirable to tell about most interesting of them. For your better convenience, we will break our narration into the cafe description on separate Parisian districts.

So, the Saint-Germain Area which first of all is connected with such representatives of the existential direction of the French philosophy, as Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre will be the first.

Cafe des Deux-Magots. Throughout the whole century this institution decorated in the Chinese style was considered the present entrance on the world fiction Olympus. Many young writers in due time could save money in weeks to come here at cock-tail hour hoping to meet a known publisher who could be passing by. In Cafe des Deux-Magots it was possible to meet geniuses of that time, Verlaine and Rimbaud, Picasso and Oscar Wild – all of them were frequent visitors of this cafe.

In total distance of several tens of meters settles down Cafe de Flore. This institution also has a special history. Here liked to write his products great Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean-Paul Sartre and Jacques Prévert happened to sit here. And in the 30th of the twentieth century French fascists held their sessions in this institution (there is also such historical mark).


Brasserie Lipp. In general, it is possible to call this cafe legendary and unique as in the late fifties its owner has received the Award of the Honourable Legion “for the best Parisian literary salon”. Such celebrities, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Ernest Hemingway and president of France François Mitterrand were guests here.

Also it is possible to allocate such Parisian cafes in Saint-Germain area as Le Montana, La Palette and Bar du Pont-Royal in which Aragon, Simenon, Camus, Cocteau, Proust and many others had rest and created.

The following area is Montmartre which also has many remarkable cafes.

Closerie des Lilas. There was a usual inn on the way to Orléans which has turned in due course to cafe. Here for inspiration quite often came Hemmingway, leaving cafes on Saint-Germain. Later in this cafe James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, Dos Passos and Thomas Wolfe used to come.

In 1940th years a very popular place among artists and poets was cafe Le Coupole which was considered some kind of the standard of everything bohemian. Such legendary persons, as Henry Miller, Louis Aragon, Françoise Sagan and Gabriel García Márquez loved this Parisian cafe.

Nearby there is an old cafe Le Rotonde which is the present tourist attraction of the city for those who are interested in  European avant-guard art as its history was made here by Chaim Soutine, Maurice de Vlaminck, Picasso, Modigliani, André Derain. Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin – the leader of Russian socialists – happened to be here in due time.

The following Parisian cafes on Montmartre – Dingo Bar and Le Select are also noteworthy.

Latin Quarter is also famous for the institutions. As we already wrote earlier, here there was the first Parisian cafe Le Procope. But it is not the only café that has a nice history.

Cafe de la Marie. As well as many other cafes in Paris, this institution possesses the historical uniqueness. In the middle of the last century in it the quarrel between great philosophers Camus and Sartre that became the reason of split of all intelligency of Paris of that time has taken place.

The author of the well-known “Dubliners“ and “Ulysses” James Joyce among other institutions preferred cafe Cremerie Polidor. At various times Mark Ernst, Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine quite often came here.

Also in Latin Quarter there is cafe Laperouse where it is possible to feel atmosphere and to admire architecture of the nineteenth century. The courses of life brought here Alexandre Dumas, père, Proust, Guy de Maupassant, Georges Simenon, Victor Hugo and many other great art workers of that time.

Dear readers, it is only a small part of what Parisian cafes can boast of, but we nevertheless hope that this information will appear interesting and useful for you.