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Modern Paris – beer and kebab…

For many of us France associates with always elegant ladies, fashion, cheese and wine, frog pads, Peugeot and Renault. It’s a deceptive stereotype. Other rules and laws reign in the country nowadays. Modern France is hundred thousands of women dressed in hijab, the whole sea of the Chinese and Turkish consumer goods, beer and döner kebab, and the place of the French cars is occupied with foreign marks even more often. For someone it might seem unreal, we suggest to “walk” on some stereotypes which have developed in our consciousness about this remarkable European country.

The first widespread stereotype is that many consider Frenchmen as a whole and Parisians in particular “frog-eaters”. And only when you get tours to Paris and come to this city, you start to realize that the similar statement is nothing more than an invention. They practically don’t eat the frog pads in Paris, and to find a restaurant in which they are in the menu is problematic enough. And in general to find a Frenchman who tried this “exotic” dish could be a serious problem for you.

Today inhabitants of France prefer to have a bite of truly “European” kebab, washing down with the local grades of beer. By the way, this proletarian amber drink becomes more and more popular in the country, making a serious competition to noble wines. If someone does not trust in love of Frenchmen to this fast food, visit Paris (not to mention Marseille) and be convinced that tents in which meat is fried on a spit, it is possible to meet practically at every corner.

Parisians feed certain love as well for such a close to our Slavic soul dish, as the pancakes named Crêpe in France.

The second myth about the modern French society. For a long time some consider Frenchmen rather patriotic in respect of the shopping, choosing the goods of exclusively local manufacture. Only it concerns wine, beer and several other versions of alcoholic drinks. And if to speak about cars today any Parisian prefers to buy not Renault or Peugeot, but Mercedes or Volkswagen.

Myth number three. A Frenchman and furthermore a Parisian, along with the elegant car should have a very elegant lady. However, in reality all appears more ordinary, and you will not find this elegance dressed in magnificence of a fashionable toilet in many local residents nowadays. For a long time, French women prefer noisy sales of the big shops to fashionable boutiques. And, believe, at a choice of a jacket or a skirt for the modern Parisian the basic criterion is not the label but the price.

It is possible to mention much more similar myths about modern Frenchmen, and the majority of them will appear rather torn off from reality. But in any case Paris and many other French cities have the unique color for you to get acquainted with.