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Marine restaurant Le Divellec

If you love the sea and seafood in addition, so Paris restaurant Le Divellec – this is the place you should visit. Being in this restaurant, you’ll feel yourself like on a board of luxurious and elegant yachts.

Le Divellec is located in the heart of Paris, in the part of the city where there is a large concentration of government agencies and foreign embassies.

The owner of the restaurant is famous restaurateur Jacques Le Divellec offers his visitors a wide selection of gifts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The main features of Le Divellec are skillfully cooked oysters, lobsters, clams and lobsters, and the most biased gourmets come to try them here. The chef here is so professional that every dish is really unique and exquisite in its flavor profile.

Like any self-respecting French restaurant, Le Divellec offers excellent selection of white and red wines from the best vineyards of the country, which ideally suited to the dishes.

Address of the restaurant Le Divellec: 107, rue de l’Universite, Paris (near the Bourbon Palace).

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