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French restaurants – Rules and traditions

So far as we talked in our materials on the site about Parisian restaurants and cafes (hope to continue to do this and in future), we would like to speak a little about the rules of behaviour when you visit restaurants in France.

Generally, in this country cookery is very respectable and honourable, so historically there are many cafes and restaurants. Due to the large number of them you will always discover an appropriate one for a business lunch, dinner of a big company, romantic date, a banquet or any other aim. To find a good place you can browse the guides, consult with friends or just rely on your own taste.

From our side we would like to give some recommendations how to recognize a good French restaurant and how to behave in it.

So, important indications of deserving attention restaurant or café are below:

–          cordial staff,

–          you will be greeted at the entrance and saw to your table,

–          you will get menu at once you sit down at the table,

–          waiter (waitress) knows a full information about all dishes and drinks of the menu and can always give a good advice (good is not expensive),

–          drinks are served in time,

–          after paying bills you’ll be thanked and said goodbye.

In principle, to visit a very good restaurant in Paris (as in other French cities) you must order a table firstly, because otherwise you can become a bystander of a pleasant pastime of other guests. Also you can be late to a restaurant for thirty minutes maximum, after this time waiter will cancel your reservation.

If you are going to relax in a French cafe, you can be in any form of clothing, but restaurants welcome more strict appearance. There are some restaurants and bars, those rules bans to service men without a tie. Though, if you look closely, a dress code of visitors can seriously differ depending on level and class of places.

It should be remembered that Parisian restaurants are focused on a very cultural and friendly customer behavior, so the “best” tradition of Irish pub will be inappropriate here. Therefore, in an unpleasant situation do not make a row, just invite the manager or chief waiter and tell him (her) you claims.

Do not forget that the generally accepted rules of etiquette are always recognized by others, and a restaurant in Paris in this respect is absolutely the same as in New York, Sydney, Warsaw or London. And if you visit a restaurant with a lady, you have to behave yourself only as a gentleman.

And finally. Remember, that in Paris restaurants you should leave a tip to the waiter, the sum is 5-10 percent of the total bill.