Food & Drinks

Culinary grandma at home in Paris? No problem!

In modern times we see lots of new offers on services market, sometimes rather original. Bicycle rentals, personal stylists and hairdresser, business consulting… all of these there is in the world for a long time. And since recently in Paris, you can rent a grandma pure and simple, who cooks dishes of the French home cuisine for you. 😉

This unusual service is offered by Lou Pape company. Its employees (Paris retired grandmas) are ready to come to your apartments and share their skills in cooking. And that will not be dainty dishes like in famous restaurants, but simple dishes traditionally popular in France.

Also an invited grandmother will share her experience in communication with children, teach them to select food in the markets and shops correctly, tell interesting tales.

Staff of the company consists of some tens of grandmas-cooks, and their work costs from 12 to 42 Euro per hour.

What the French grandmas! 🙂