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Paradise for gourmets: the Chestnut Day in Paris

It’s very easy to guess a country with the best gastronomic festivals. Of course, this is France! And, perhaps, the most popular event among gourmets is the Chestnut Day in Paris.

This holiday has being held all over France but just the capital, when it is wrapped with a flavoured smoke of chestnuts grilling at streets and squares, attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. This interesting event is held every third Sunday of October. In 2012 the holiday will be organized on the 21th of October.

Chestnuts – a true national product for the Frenchmen and they are ready to offer hundreds of unique chestnuts dishes. In the second half of October at Parisian restaurants you can enjoy the dainties with an unforgettable taste which are almost impossible to try somewhere else. Salad with asparagus, giant scallops and chestnuts; risotto with shrimps and chestnuts, and many other wonderful dishes supplement perfectly such desserts like a chocolate-chestnut mousse with orange marmalade.

Besides the dishes based on chestnuts do not miss the opportunity to regale yourself with sausages of pork, specially fattened with these fragrant fruits.

Frankly speaking you can begin your acquaintance with this side of French cuisine buying a paper bag of fried chestnuts from a street vendor.

The holiday is not limited with tastings — this month Paris offers many entertainments connected with chestnuts.