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Cafes in Paris – Ordering Coffee

Tourist season is approaching and Parisian cafes and restaurants are glad to receive thousands of guests at their famous terraces. Wine, cider, cheese, ratatouille, mussels… all this stuff you can order in any of them. However, morning in Paris without coffee is not the morning in Paris! 🙂

And as far as coffee in a cafe is absolutely required thing you have to know how to get a right sort of this wonderful drink. Believe us, in spite of the fact that English (as well as some other languages) has become usual for the French ear lately, some waiters can not understand your order. There are some lines on the subject.

If you want a cup of “americano” – say “Un allonge” to the waiter; want to get “espresso” – say “Un express”; in the case of white coffee – “Un creme” (although, no respectable Parisian will order it even at gunpoint 🙂 ). And a special one in our list is “Cappuccino”. The pronunciation is similar, but ordering it you have to be ready to hear a venomous answer like: “Do you think you’re in San Francisco?” 😉

Drink delicious coffee and get great impressions in Paris!