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Cafe Laurent

If someone tells you that Parisian restaurants and cafes are the places where people go only to eat, do not believe. Parisian cafe, first of all, is a place where you can relax after a hard day, communicate with interesting people and listen to emotional music…

Cafe Laurent belongs to these restaurants and offers its visitors a wonderful atmosphere – pleasant and romantic. And there is nothing strange, because since the foundation (that was in 1690) it was the place were Parisian writers, poets, philosophers, artists and other representatives of creative professions had spent time.

For a long time the distinguishing feature of Cafe Laurent is the wonderful coffee, preparing on own unique recipe. Thus, in his time a famous philosopher of the French Renaissance Charles Louis Montesquieu said about this place the following words: “In Café of Laurent coffee has being prepared in such a way that it gives the mind to those people who drink it”.

Today, the cafe, named after its founder Mr. Laurent, is a cult place in Paris for lovers of jazz. Here you can always listen to the music, playing live by the best Parisian jazz musicians.

The personnel of the cafe never forget and about the physical needs of the guests. The cuisine here is very good and able to satisfy the tastes of even the real gourmet, delicious wines and other beverages.

Address of Cafe Laurent: 33 rue Dauphine. It’s the 6th district of Paris near the station of metro Odeon ou PONT-NEUF.