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Wine Museum in Paris

France is a country of winemaking, known around the world for quality of its wines, and it’s even a little bit surprising what we have not still mentioned the Wine Museum on the pages of our blog, which, for sure, will be interesting to many tourists coming to Paris.

So, the Wine Museum in Paris is a relatively young museum, which was opened in 1984 on Rue des Eaux in the 16th administrative district of Paris. Once upon a time at this place there were old monastic wine cellars belonging to the abbey of the monks Minorums. Quirky Christian monks have known wine for a long time, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the ancient quarries the cellars for the storage of noble grape drinks were organized. It is noteworthy that wines from the abbey had a great popularity at the court of King Louis XIII, and even the monarch himself valued them highly.

The cellars were abandoned for a long time, and only thanks to one of the owners of Parisian restaurants new generations know them. Thanks to this person, the premises were converted into a museum dedicated to wine and everything connected with it, and which got the uncomplicated name – the Wine Museum.

Now the Wine Museum in Paris has a lot of rooms whose total length is about one kilometer, and its exposition includes ancient wine glasses, all kinds of bottles, tools of winemakers.

There is a separate exposition devoted to the history of winemaking in Ile-de-France region with visual installations telling about the peculiarities of wine production.

Also, the Wine Museum in Paris allows its guests to get acquainted with the history of French winemaking, peculiarities of tastes and strength of the drinks.

After the wine tasting, offered by organizers, you can buy a bottle or more of wine you liked.

Among other things, it is very convenient that the Wine Museum is located not far from the legendary Eiffel Tower – so you can plan their visit for one day – the main thing is to choose the right queue. 🙂