The Cranberries – Two Concerts In Paris

Tickets for the long-awaited concert of The Cranberries in Paris, scheduled for the end of June, are almost sold out. Fortunately, the Irish rock band will give one more performance for its fans in the French capital.

The second concert will be held on November 25 at the concert complex «Zenith». Tickets are on sale already. Their cost is about the same as for the June show – from 56 to 67 euros.

The reason to meet your idols of the 1990s is just wonderful. After a seven-year absence The Cranberries has returned to the scene with a new album «Roses». As fresh songs as learned by heart compositions will sound during the concerts.

Guitarist and founder of the band Noel Anthony Hogan has admitted only recently why a break in the creative life of The Cranberries lasted so long. According to him, rockers began to work on a new album in 2003. However, he could not find understanding with the lead singer Dolores O’Riordan. So, they decided to take a time out. There was no information on breakup of The Cranberries, but all this time the participants had their solo projects.

To all appearance, the respite was taken not for their health. The new album is very interesting – and, most importantly, we can hear the same Cranberries – melodic, capable of writing heartfelt lyric songs about love and tough social themes as well.

Their sound remains previous like in the legendary songs «Zombie» or «Salvation». And, of course, they play for their old and devoted audience.