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Rodin: The Centennial Exhibition at Grand Palais

History of almost every city has persons whose names has a close connection with and often even are associated with it. No doubt, Auguste Rodin is one of them. A native of Paris, a greatest sculptor, a true symbol of French art… we can continue long. That’s all about him.

If you’ll be in Paris or somewhere not far away till July, 31, get visit Grand Palais where a very interesting exhibition of Auguste Rodin’s works has opened. The exposition includes “The Kiss \ Le Baiser”, “The Eternal Springtime \ L’Eternel Printemps”, legendary “The Thinker \ Le Penseur” and two hundred other works of the illustrious master.

Besides sculptures guests of the exhibition (timed to the centenary of Rodin’s death) can also get to know less famous part of his art heritage – drawings.

As well, at the exhibition works of Giacometti, Matisse, Picasso and other cult painters and sculptors are represented.