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Pierre Richard Published Memoirs

Memoirs is a part of heritage of many great persons. And now the glorious French actor Pierre Richard, entering his nineties (yeah-yeah, famous ‘blond man’ is 80 already!), decided that his turn to write about his life has come.

Parisian publishing house Flammarion has published the book Je sais rien, mais je dirai tout – I Don’t Know Much, But I’ll Say Everything (in 1973 the same name movie appeared in which the hero of our narration was staring) written by Pierre Richard in cooperation with journalist Jeremie Imbert.

In his literary work Pierre Richard tells about many funny and curious incidents from shooting areas, communication with colleagues and just about his life events.

An important part of Pierre Richard’s memoirs is taken by the “distinguished wine-maker” Gérard Depardieu who, by the way, even wrote a preface to the book of his old friend.

Surely, the book will be interesting for all cinema goers, especially for those who love good comedies. And we may expect the memoirs to be translated into other languages soon and to be available to people in different countries, not only in France.

Go ahead, dear Pierre Richard! Your shadow will never grow less, Maestro!