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Parisian museum of erotica – one of the most original museums in the city

It’s not a secret that Paris is one of the richest cities around the world for sights. The most famous of them Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and others are the places almost everybody wants to see during the life. Moreover, Paris is noted for many less known but no less interesting places, among which we can mark out numerous museums. Frankly speaking, the Parisians have a real passion to them.

In the French capital there were always a lot of museums. And what is interesting many new ones appear constantly. Thus, autumn of 1997 was marked by the opening of Parisian Museum of Erotic. Some people were even surprised that such a museum was opened in Paris so late, because the same museums had existed for a long time in Hamburg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Copenhagen. Parisian museum is located in a large renovated house near Place Pigalle.

The museum’s exposition has more than two thousand items related to so-called erotica. Here visitors can get acquainted with very old erotic pictures, specific furniture, handicrafts, sculptures. In addition to its own permanent exhibition the museum regularly hosts exhibitions of erotic art from other countries.

Also you can see updated collection during significant events connected with the city. For example, during the World Cup of 1998 in France an exhibition of soccer balls was hold in the museum of erotica, of course, all this had a very erotic look.

Certain rooms of the museum were originally booked for the “classics” by its founders. So, such true masterpieces of the genre as erotic “netsuke” from the Country of the Rising Sun, as well as pictures, telling about the sexual life of inhabitants of the Black continent get their places under roof of the museum. In general, the five exhibition floors will please you with something original and interesting.

Undoubtedly, the spiciest exposition in Parisian museum of erotica is an exposure directly associated with homosexual relationships among members of famous American Indian tribe of the Aztecs.

The museum is a privately owned, and according to its words of owners, their aim is to show visitors not pornography but the real works of art. They consider that the main goal of the museum is to show sexual relations as a bright and positive phenomenon of human life, and not vulgarity with which some people associate sex.

If you are interested in visiting of Parisian museum of erotica, you’ll find it at Boulevard de Clichy 72, near subway station Blanche.