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Paris Museum of Magic

During the last years many fellow citizens of ours had possibility to visit Paris and to take great pleasure of numerous sights of this ancient and at the same time modern city. The French capital is a place where such well-known for the whole world sights are situated: Tour Eiffel, the Louvre, and Arch Triomphe, les Invalides, Versailles, Montparnasse and Montmartre which create incomparable atmosphere. Someone had the luck to become the proprietor of a house or an apartment in Paris thanks to what visits to France became more frequent.

Also Paris is called the city of poets and artists what is not casual as many great representatives of the world of art worked there. But, besides all this Paris is also a city of magic with which it is connected throughout many centuries.

Since the seventeenth century, the capital of France became a place of numerous representations of every possible magicians and conjurers who already then “occupied” the New Bridge for their purposes which is today the oldest bridge in the city. And since then indissoluble connection of Paris and magic was established.

And as it turned out to be, making business trips or tourist rounds to Paris, you can plunge into this improbable magic atmosphere, having visited the Parisian Museum of Magic which is located in basements in ancient street Saint-Paul that in Quartier Le Marais.

The Magic museum represents an interesting place which can be visited be the whole family. Do not try to reduce the excursion in this museum to minimum; try to spend enough time there to like magic spirit completely.

Coming inside, you will face a devil sitting on the magic handle and inviting you to enter. Having passed it, before you there will be the steps conducting to stone halls of the museum.

A small theatre performance which consists of fifteen magic illusions lasting about twenty minutes becomes the first part of Le ballet de la Merlaison (excursion). Although the performance of actors is in French, it is not necessary to worry as the main task of visitors is in solving an essence of focus.

After end of theatrical performance the visitors who speak French can follow the guide (which is an old wizard), narrating about history of the Parisian magic, thus not forgetting to show focuses to visitors. Also excursion can be made independently.

As to small visitors they absolutely do not have need to address translators, after all they understand magic much more than any adult person. To give them a chance to move freely around the museum rooms to study numerous exhibits is enough. Believe, they will be very grateful to you for it.

The address of the Parisian Museum of Magic: street Saint-Paul, 11. The prices for tickets are low and make 5 Euro for children and 7 Euro for adults.

Sincerely we wish you to take pleasure in magic of Paris, we have already done it!