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Paris Doll Museum

If you go to Paris with your children or just want to return to childhood for a short while, then we advise you to visit Parisian Museum of Dolls. It is not marked on the main tourist routes, but nevertheless, believe, good mood and lots of positive emotions are guaranteed here.

Despite the fact that the museum is located near very busy Rue de Rivoli in Paris you will be at pains to find it. This place is fairly well hidden from prying eyes in local courtyards.

Paris Doll Museum was opened rather recently, it had happened only in 1994. The basis of today’s museum collection has become the legacy of a father and a son by the name of Odin. The older representative of this family – Guido – worked as a costumier in a theater of Piedmont for a long time. When his son Samy was sixteen years old he had given him a rare book on the making of antique dolls, French costumier and artists whose names are associated with the production of dolls. Maybe it might sound strange someone, but thanks to this rare book the Doll Museum had appeared in Paris.

Initially, Odin junior was finishing his philological education and gathered own collection of dolls. And there is a remarkable fact – the title of Samy’s thesis was “Doll magazines in France of the early 20th century”. During this time he has visited many libraries and archives, received a lot of useful information. It was more than enough for opening of theme doll museum.

Today the Paris Museum of Dolls is known not only among collectors from different countries, but it has also become a very popular place for local children. Regular theatrical performances, exhibitions, birthday parties in the circle of puppet characters (grandmothers and great-grandmothers of today’s children could play with the same ones) are organized.

The exposition of the Museum of Dolls in Paris has about two thousand items, many of which were made in the nineteenth century by the best French masters. Unfortunately, the museum is not very large to display the entire collection at once, so, as a rule, visitors can see about four hundred exhibits.

We can talk about this museum for a long time, but it’s better to see with own eyes and get unforgettable experience. We wish you good mood – Paris Doll Museum will necessarily give it!

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