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Non-format exhibitions-museums in Paris

Undoubtedly, almost everyone heard that Paris is called the city of artists and poets, however this definition is narrow enough, as the city is much more various and multilateral. The capital of France possesses huge “arsenal” of things that can please any (even the most exacting) traveler.

In this small article we bring to your attention short description of Parisian museums which have no loud glory and magnificent advertising in tourist prospectuses. But, despite it, they are very interesting, and time spent for attending them, is remembered by visitors for many years.

Musical museum. In this place it is possible to estimate a collection of music instruments which for many years have been collected by workers of local conservatory. Thus everyone has possibility to hear original sounding of each of the presented exhibits, be it a guitar, an accordion or a flute.

Argonaut“Argonaut” – is a real submarine which can be visited if you go to parc de La Villette where the industry and science small town is located. In due time it was an operating underwater ship of the French Navy; today it is open for all visitors.


Parisian Museum of fakesWe suggest you visit the Parisian Museum of fakes where “masterpieces” of many criminal masters are presented. Besides direct exhibits, you will be proposed an interesting and informative lecture about the role of falsification in the history of the human society.



The dermatology museumThe dermatology museum will acquaint you with a collection of images-models of every possible diseases of skin which physicians of different countries faced. The exhibits devoted to syphilis, in due time one of the dreadful diseases are especially colorful.



Musée Nissim-de-CamondoMusée Nissim-de-Camondo. If you are interested in history of the French bourgeoisie this is the place where you need to visit being in Paris. In this house of the notable bourgeois its way of life with all its luxury and grandiosity is visually shown.



Museum of the Parisian water drainMuseum of the Parisian water drain. The given museum suggests the visitors to familiarize with the history of water supply of the city and its difficult sewer system. Being a quite dark place it is an interesting enough place especially for those who is interested in the given subjects. You will find more detailed description of this museum in our blog.



Public health services museumPublic health services museum is an interesting place not only for workers of medical sphere, but also for any other person. You will be shown and told about how was the first in the history cardiogram made, the evolution of medical tools, thousands of drawings, engravings, pictures and many other things.



Museum of magicFor those who love all unusual, we recommend visiting the Museum of magic where various amulets, caskets, magic wands which the Parisian magicians and conjurers used in due time are presented.


Museum of nature and huntingUnequivocally it will be pleasant to hunters and fishers in the Museum of nature and hunting which is devoted to the history of hunting. The big collection of spears, hooks, arbalests, daggers and guns will please the real hunter. Besides the hunting weapons the pictures of the well-known artists connected with scenes of hunting are presented here.


Museum of lorgnettes and glassesMuseum of lorgnettes and glasses – is the most curious museum, which collected in its halls a huge set of optical adaptations from eye-glasses to professional military field-glasses.


We wish you a pleasant travel on museums of Paris!