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Music Day – the French soul

For centuries France has had a strong association with art in all its displays. Many poets, writers, painters, musicians worked here and opened their legendary works to mankind. And nowadays France continues to delight us!

If you are a broad-minded person, if you are in love with music, come to Paris or another French city on June 21st for the Music Day (La fête de la musique) and plunge into a music flavour which will be created by thousands of musicians from different corners of the country.

Many well-known artists along with ordinary people go into streets of French cities and towns to give everyone a magic unforgettable feeling of festival. By tradition, songs and dances last till morning, streets are full of cheerful people who share their smiles and a great mood.

The Music Day… Marcel and Paris, Toulouse and Lyon, Nantes and Bordeaux… wherever you go this day, you’ll be a welcome visitor!