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Museum of Salvador Dali – a tribute to the genius of surrealism

This material is a continuation of our series of stories about Parisian museums, located in this legendary city in Europe. This time the subject of our story is Museum of Salvador Dali (Espace Dali) – the great Spanish painter of the twentieth century.

The building of Museum of Salvador Dali is located at famous Parisian Montmartre and it contains the most significant collection of the great master’s works (in the majority sculptures and engravings).

Additional charm of the museum is given by the organizers of the exposition, who decided to accompany excursions of guests with lifetime records of conversations of Mr. Dali.

Returning to the personality of this iconic figure of modern art, whose fame stretched far from the European continent, we note that Salvador was born in May of 1904, in the family of Don Salvador Dalí-Kusi and Donna Felipe Domenech in the north-eastern part of Iberian Peninsula. In the same part of Spain Dalí spent his childhood, and during that time his well-known talents become apparent, and Salvador had begun his great journey in the art with drawing. According to his bibliographers, the first paintings are dated 1914, when the boy was only ten years old.

We are not going into the vicissitudes of life of one of the best artists of our epoch, you can read his detailed biography in specialized articles, books, or on many Internet sites devoted to artists. Best of all you can do – Dali Museum, located in Paris (the artist lived where) at 11, rue Poulbot.

You will see the museum as a full retrospective of life of the greatest sculptor of Spain, who left this world in 1989 and left a priceless legacy in the form of brilliant prints, sculptures and paintings.

Being in the museum of this famous artist you will know that this man had a wonderful, bright and long life in addition to excellent career in the art world. For his work in the field of art Salvador Dali was awarded the unofficial title of the most genius surrealist of the 20th century.