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The Museum of Romantic Life

Obviously, when we listen or talk about Paris, a word “romance” appears sooner or later. No sense to argue about this, because about this city so many romantic novels, stories, poems and paintings were created, that a lot of other cities may only dream. And millions of tourists from different countries, who visited Paris, can confirm its status as one of the romantic capitals of the world.

There is a numerous number of bright places in the city, but there is and such one where the romance is in its name – the Museum of romantic life (Le Musée de la vie romantique). Today, this is one of three so-called literary museums in the French capital along with museums of Balzac and Hugo.

The Museum of romantic life is located in an old two-storeyed mansion on 16 Rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris.

Many years ago (in 1830), a famous Dutch painter Ary Scheffer had settled just in this house. And, of course, you will not be surprised at the fact that he was a representative of the romantic direction of painting? 🙂

And, as Scheffer was a court painter, his mansion had become a popular salon quickly.

Géricault, Lamartine, Liszt, Delacroix, Dickens, Turgenev, Rossini… This is only a small list of the great artists of that time who had been Scheffer’s frequent visitors.

Nowadays, the ground floor of the museum offers the exposition dedicated to the famous French writer George Sand. It’s interesting that in spite of Sand was a frequent guest of “parties” here, she had never lived in this house. But the Museum of romantic life received a collection of the writer’s things from her granddaughter in the beginning of the 20th century.

The first floor of the building – representation of life and work of Ary Scheffer. Much of interior – portraits of famous women of that time. As well, you will get a big pleasure admiring the old and elegant furnishings.

The Museum of romantic life is a state institution so you may visit it for free. Hours of service: 10:00-18:00 (every day except Mondays).

Certainly, the Museum of romantic life is not so significant as, for example, such mastodons like Louvre and Pompidou Centre, but here you will find a little part of those Paris, thanks to which the city got its romantic glory.

Have more romance! 🙂